my heart to yours

my heart to yours

Hi friends! If you haven't noticed already there is something new about my blog! Yep, that's right, I have given it a completely NEW name! Since I started my blog, my heart was always to talk about deeper issues, outside of just what I'm wearing or what I'm doing. You can read one of my first posts explaining my heart for my blog HERE.

If I'm being honest, a lot of what I have shared with you so far hasn’t really been what I’ve wanted to share. I have kept it very surface level and I haven't shared what's really on my heart. It's been an inner struggle always trying to figure out what's going on in my mind and put it into words for my blog.  With this new name change I feel it will truly challenge me to be more intentional with sharing what's on my heart.

Since I'm wanting to share some deep things on here, I figured I would start with sharing a little bit more about myself. Let me warn you I'm going to get pretty transparent here and that means sharing with you the good and the bad. So let me start off with some honest truth. I can be very insecure. I tend to want control in many situations. I am EXTREMELY sensitive. Everything literally makes me cry. Sometimes they are happy tears, and sometimes not. I hate small talk. I prefer to have real conversations and find out where you come from. I love discovering the story behind the person. I am a huge over thinker. I am constantly in my own head. I see beauty in small places. I want to travel the world, experience other cultures and love God's people along the way. I am joyful and bubbly. I am passionate about people, fashion and FOOD! I am a big dreamer, and one day hope to be a preacher or speaker of the good that God has done in my life.

There is the good and the bad about me, just like anyone else. What you see and what you don't see. I'm a mess but that's how I know I need a strong, patient and loving God that will keep me together, and walk alongside me when life gets tough. To help me grow as a person every single day. I know I am no where close to perfect and that's okay! God is slowly forming me into the person He wants me to be. It's not going to happen overnight, it's a life long process and I'm inviting you to be part of the journey in hopes of encouraging you to be your most genuine and authentic self. No need to hide the mess, we are all in this together.

From my heart to yours,


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