aibi watch review

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed my recent obsession with my new AIBI Watch. I have always loved watches! They can add so much to a simple outfit and they definitely make me feel classy! 

To be honest I was worried that I wouldn't like my watch from looking through all the online images. When I saw the rhinestone detail I thought it could be too much or more than what I am use to wearing. I can be really selective about the simplicity and size. The size of a watch can make a huge difference. It can either be so big that it looks obviously oversized and takes over your whole arm or it is so small that you can barely see any detail. It really depends on design and personal preference. Thankfully the size of the watch is absolutely perfect for me!

And when I got my watch in the mail I fell in love! I love love love anything in rose gold and that with the combination of brown is perfect! Plus I ended up loving the rhinestone detail! They add a cute little spark to the watch and not flashy the way I had originally thought they would be. They also add a unique touch to the typical contemporary watch.

Because of its simplicity and neutral colors you can pair it with almost any outfit! I have worn it almost everyday for 2 weeks now and I am already planning on buying another color really soon! 

I would love for guys to share your style with me! What are some of your favorite watches? Just use the hashtag #evelynsmiless and we can chat! 


Xoxo, Evelynsmiless.

AIBI watch was nice enough to send me a code so you guys can get 20$ off any purchase!! Just use "EVELYNRL" 

Make sure to post a photo if you do buy one and tag #evelynsmiless so I can see of your lovely new watches! 



This is a sponsored post courtesy of AIBI Watch. I received my watch free to review. All opinions are mine.