explore tampa

One of my biggest goals this week with launching my new blog is to share with you guys a taste of what is to come. I love adventure and finding new places. I explore all around Orlando in my free time and a huge part of my Life Style Blog will be sharing with you guys all the places I love and the ones I am still discovering. I have lived here for over two years now and I still find myself discovering new places! 

There are so many known and unknown places in Central Florida. One place I kept seeing all over Instagram was Oxford Exchange. Oxford Exchange is a mix of The Bookstore, The Restaurant, The Shop, Tebella Tea Company, Buddy Brew Coffee & Design Studio. Needless to say you can find plenty to do there! Having seen so many beautiful photos from visits there I decided to take a trip to Tampa with my friend Sydney!  I have to say we were not disappointed. We enjoyed some very yummy macaroons and took photos of everything we came across! 

Obviously one gets hungry when exploring in a new city. So we decided to eat at this new pizza place Sydney had found on Instagram. Fabrica Woodfired Pizza. It is very easy to miss because it is located in a random tiny shopping center. The good part is it has its own free parking garage and it has signs that lead all the way right to the front door! I very much enjoyed the space. It has a very contemporary and hipsteresque feel to it! They also have big windows that let in the right amount of sun which is perfect for photos! (something I love in any place!) 

Of course having this blog in mind I needed to take the perfect photo of their super yummy pizza. Sydney and I went ahead and asked if they could possibly lend us some basil just to make our photo perfect! We were kind of worried it was an awkward question to ask but we asked with no shame and they were more than happy to help, excited even! They ended up bringing us a way more than needed handful of basil and parsley! It was hilarious!  We enjoyed some great pizza, shared a few laughs, sparked conversation with strangers, & took a few photos!

 I strongly recommend visiting for yourself!

Xoxo, Evelynsmiless